Past Events

2019 Economics Alumni Conference

This third annual conference will discuss alumni research as well as provide opportunities to network and create collaborative relationships with current and future UC Davis Ph.D students. 
  • Andrews, Blue, and Gold Conference Rooms, SSH
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Debunking Deportation Myths

As US policymakers struggle to find a policy solution to address the restrictions on legal immigration that lead to undocumented immigration, deportations have become a reality affecting lives of millions of immigrants and local communities.
  • Student Community Center
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NAWS at 30

The National Agricultural Worker Survey (NAWS) began to interview workers employed on crop farms in calendar year 1988, and has interviewed over 70,000 workers in the past three decades. This seminar examines NAWS and other farm labor data. Presenters are asked to consider (1) whether the NAWS methodology of multi-stage sampling to account for seasonal and regional fluctuations in farm employment or other aspects of the survey’s design need to be modified, and (2) whether the NAWS questionnaire should be modified to collect better or additional data.
  • 2203 SS&H Andrews Conference Room | UC Davis
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Governing Ethnicized and Economized 'Migrant Subjects': 'Migrant Entrepreneurs' from Turkey in Vienna

Alev Çakır will give an overview of her doctoral work that analyzes the governing of 'migrant entrepreneurship', taking the example of türkiyeli (coming from Turkey) entrepreneurs, in Austria by both, policies and 'migrant entrepreneurs' themselves. She investigates issues on neoliberal economization and ethnicization of the 'migrant subject' by discussing the role of intersectional power relations and the political embeddedness of these processes.
  • 1131 SS&H Gold Conference Room | UC Davis
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Housing Boom and Impact on Labor Market Outcomes

This paper by Yaxi Chen approaches the impact of China's booming housing market in the past 15 years, with a focus on the impact of the capital crowding out effect on other productive sector, and possible labor reallocation across different sectors.
  • Andrews Conference Room 2203 SSH | UC Davis
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