NAFTA, H-2A, Immigration, and the ALRB

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Kalmanovitz Appellate Courtroom (Room 1001), King Hall, UC Davis


This conference examines labor-related issues in California and US agriculture. Labor-intensive fruit and vegetable crops are almost over 85 percent of the California and 40 percent of US crop sales, farm worker employment has been increasing, and the mostly unauthorized farm workers are aging and settling in one place with families that include US-born children, reducing migrancy. Four timely issues will be discussed. First is the rapid growth in the H-2A guest worker program, expected to top 200,000 jobs certified in 2017, including 10 percent in California. Second is the four-S response of farmers to fewer new farm workers, including satisfying current workers, stretching them with mechanical aids, substituting machines for hand workers or switching crops, and supplementing with younger H-2A guest workers. Third is the effects of Trump Administration immigration enforcement on farm workers and agricultural communities. Fourth is a review of ALRB and union activities and court decisions affecting union abandonment and mandatory mediation and conciliation.

We are grateful for the support of the UC Ag Issues Center and the UCD Gifford Center and Migration Research Cluster, the Farm, Giannini, Rosenberg, and WKF foundations, and the ALRB. For further information, contact Philip Martin,

Registration ends April 6, 2018 by 12PM. We are currently at capacity, waiting list only.



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  • Philip Martin, UC Davis
  • Daniel Sumner, UC Agricultural Issues Center and UC Davis


NAFTA Renegotiations: Implications for California Agriculture

  • Chair: Rachel Goodhue, UC Davis
    • Daniel Sumner, UC Agricultural Issues Center and UC Davis
    • Roberta Cook, UC Davis
    • Jamie Johnson, Simpatica
    • Soren Bjoren, Driscoll’s  




Farm Labor: The Rise of H-2A Workers

  • Chair: Tim Beatty, UC Davis
    • Philip Martin, UC Davis
    • Ileana Arvizu, ISA
    • Steve Scaroni, Fresh Harvest
    • Ruben Lugo, WHD
    • Francisco Maicas, EDD
    • Richard Mines, DOL-ret




Immigration and Agriculture

  • Chair: Philip Martin, UC Davis
  • What’s next for immigration?  Kevin Johnson, UC Davis
  • Immigration and Farm Workers, Ed Kissam, WKF
  • Discussants:
    • Amagda Perez, UC Davis
    • Cynthia Rice, CRLA
    • Paulette Nwaogu, DHS-ICE
    • Sir Streeter, DHS-ICE




ALRB Issues

  • Chair: Genevieve Shiroma, Chairwoman ALRB
    • Julia Montgomery, ALRB GC
    • Cathryn Rivera-Hernandez, ALRB
    • Ed Blanco, ALRB
    • Tom Sobel, ALRB




Support provided by : UC Ag Issues Center; UCD Gifford Center; Migration Research Cluster; the Farm, Giannini, Rosenberg, and WKF foundations; ALRB.


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