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The 25th Anniversary of Proposition 187: Challenges and Opportunities for Immigrant Integration and Political Identity in California

The UC Davis School of Law and UC Davis Law Review are hosting a panel and an academic symposium to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the passage of Prop. 187 on November 13-14, 2019. The panel will feature litigators who challenged Prop. 1897 in the courts. The academic symposium will discuss the influence Prop. 187 had on immigration at the state and federal levels, the political environment in California, and Latinx and immigrant communities in four panel discussions.
  • 1001 King Hall | UC Davis
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The Current Migration and Humanitarian Crisis in Chiapas

Humanizing Deportation presents: Breve Relación de la Destrucción de los Migrantes de Centroamérica, dialogue between Chiapaneco poet Balam Rodrigo and Humanizing Deportation's Chiapas Team (Ernesto Zarco, Brooke Kipling, Ross Hernández) on the Current Humanitarian Crisis in Chiapas (event in Spanish).
  • Hart Hall Room 3201 | UC Davis
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Does Peer Motivation Influence Schooling Investments? Evidence from DACA

In this paper, Briana Ballis examines the spillover effects of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). This policy significantly increased the returns to schooling for undocumented youth, leaving the returns for everyone else unchanged. Leveraging administrative data from Los Angeles schools and variation in the concentration in DACA-eligible youth across schools, I also find significant positive effects of DACA on high school completion and student achievement among ineligible peer groups.
  • SS&H 1131 (Gold Conference Room)
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