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Mobility Creativity Nexus

This one-day conference will look at the role of mobility in creativity as an economic driver and creativity as a disruptive force driving both planned and unplanned mobility.
  • Buehler Alumni Center | AGR Hall | UC Davis
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To the New World and Back Again: Return Migration and Upward Mobility

Katherine Eriksson research has focused on the immigrants during what is known as the "age of mass migration" in the US between 1850 and 1930. Her second strand of research concerns the origins of black-white disparities in education, health, and incarceration, looking at the first half of the twentieth century U.S.
  • 2203 SS&H (Andrews Conference Room) | UC Davis
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Latino Migration and Trends in Private and Charter School Enrollments

The seminar discusses three decades of demographic data on U.S. school districts to assess the association between growth in the Latino school-age population and the availability of alternative schooling options as well as white student concentration in schools of choice relative to traditional public schools.
  • 2203 SS&H (Andrews Conference Room) | UC Davis
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European Migration Crisis: What's Next?

Refugees are persons outside their country of citizenship unable to return because or persecution, while asylum seekers travel to the country in which they seek refuge and ask for temporary or permanent immigrant status to start anew.
  • 2102 SS&H (ARE Conference Room) | UC Davis
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Economic Life in a Refugee Camp

The seminar examines the economic aspects of life in three refugee camps in Rwanda taking into account the economic setting in the locality of each camp.
  • 270 SS&H | UC Davis
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