Cynthia Van Der Werf Cuadros

 Cynthia   Van Der Werf Cuadros

Department of Economics

Office: 1162 Social Science and Humanities
Personal Website:

Research Interests

  • International Migration 
  • Labor and Public Economics


Cynthia van der Werf is a fourth-year graduate student in the economics department. Her research focuses on the economic integration of immigrants and the spillovers between newcomers and natives. Currently, she is studying whether the timing of language acquisition affects adult refugees’ dynamic labor market outcomes of adult refugees in Denmark; her findings shed light on the effect of language skills on the likelihood of being employed, earnings trajectories, and occupation in the short and long run. In other research, she is investigating the impact of the inflow of refugees on the U.S. education system. In particular, she is interested in establishing if an inflow of refugees changes native's school choice and in determining if it affects the quality of the education they receive. 

Relevant Research for the Migration Research Cluster

  • van der Werf, C. (2015) The Effects of Bullying on Academic Achievement. Desarrollo y Sociedad. Universidad de los Andes. Bogotá, Colombia. 
  • Bernal, R., van der Werf, C. (2011) Situación de la infancia en Colombia. In: Colombia en Movimiento: Un análisis descriptivo basado en la Encuesta Longitudinal Colombiana de la Universidad de los Andes ELCA. Universidad de los Andes. Bogotá, Colombia.

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