Jeannette Money

 Jeannette  Money

Political Science

Associate Professor, Department of Political Science
Office: 671 Kerr Hall

Research Interests

  • Comparative Politics
  • International Relations


Jeannette Money received her degree in Political Science from University of California, Los Angeles in 1991.

Relevant Research for the Migration Research Cluster

  • Money, Jeannette, Shaina Western, and Edith Yuh. Forthcoming. "Compendium of Nationality Laws." To be presented at the International Office for Migration in Geneva.
  • Money, Jeannette and Timothy W. Taylor. 2016. "Voluntary International Migration." Oxford Bibliographies.
  • Money, Jeannette and Sarah Lockhart. 2011. "The Architecture of Cooperation in International Migration." Migration, Nation States and International Cooperation.
  • Money, Jeannette and Scott Gartner. 2006. “Immigrants and Foreign Policy Choices in the United States.” Presented at the Center for Globalization and Governance, Princeton University in 2007.

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