Call for Papers for the University of Sydney's Seminar: Social Justice and Migration (Deadline: May 15)

UC Davis and the University of Sydney signed an Agreement of Cooperation in fall 2016. As a part of an effort to build stronger scholarly relationships between the faculty of both institutions, UC Davis hosted a faculty seminar in the areas of agriculture, veterinary medicine and medicine, in September 2015 at Lake Tahoe.

We are now inviting you to participate in a UC Davis – University of Sydney faculty seminar focused on social justice and migration. Both institutions have a strong track record in interdisciplinary and action-oriented migration studies ranging from empirical and theoretical to policy focused contributions. 

We invite contributions that explore migration-related themes of interest to UC Davis and University of Sydney faculty, including, but not limited to, immigration, labor, health, food production, refugees, border studies, cultural and ethnic diversity, citizenship, as well as contributions that focus on a wide range of public policy responses.

The UC Davis academic coordinators for this seminar will be Professors Luis Guarnizo <> (Human Ecology, CAES) and Robert Irwin <> (Spanish and Portuguese, L&S), both very much involved in our migration and border studies. The University of Sydney academic coordinator will be Professor Nicola Piper, director of the Sydney Asia Pacific Migration Centre (SAPMIC).

We envision a two day seminar which will take place in Sydney from October 28-31, 2017 or November 4-7, 2017. The cost to fly to/from Sydney would be around $1,800 - $2,000, plus a minimum of 3 nights lodging (~ $600-700 total). The UC Davis Office of Research and Global Affairs will together contribute $10,000 towards seminar attendance expenses and we hope Dean’s of faculty participating will also provide support. The University of Sydney will cover the cost of space and catering.

If you are interested in participating, please submit a short abstract (not longer than 500 words) by May 15th to Lizbeth de la Cruz at  <>.

Additionally U of Sydney and UC Davis intend to issue a request for suggestions of topical areas (grand challenges) for collaboration in the next month. The faculty response to that call will potentially help define particular research topics for investment prioritization in a 2nd call for proposals between the institutions planned for late 2017. I will keep you appraised of that request for information which is currently being finalized.

Here are few links where you can learn more about the Sydney Asia Pacific Migration Centre (SAPMIC) and other migration related initiatives at the University of Sydney:


Please distribute this call widely among your migration colleagues.