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News from the 2016-2017 Grant Year

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Giovanni Peri and Vasco Yasenov’s immigration research featured in the New York Times (08/09/17)
The New York Times recently covered Professor Giovanni Peri research on the Trump administration which recently embraced a proposal to sharply restrict and reorient legal immigration to the U.S.

Professor J. Edward Taylor was interviewed by KCBS Radio on mechanization of field labor (8/7/17)

KCBS Radio recently interviewed Professor J. Edward Taylor on Mechanization of Field Labor.

Professor Caitlin Patler’s article regarding Patterns of Family Visitation was published by RSF (8/3/17)
The Russell Sage Foundation Journal of the Social Sciences recently published Professor Caitlin Patler’s article regarding the patterns of family visitation during immigration detention.

Professor Robyn Rodrigez’s book published by Rutgers University Press (7/27/17)
Rutgers University Press published Professor Robyn Rodrigez’s book "In Lady Liberty's Shadow: The Politics of Race and Immigration in New Jersey".

Professor J. Ed Taylor comments on California Labor Shortage was featured in LA Times(7/27/17)
Professor J. Ed Taylor comments on California labor shortage and farmers race to replace workers with robots, featured in LA Times.

Giovanni Peri and Vasco Yasenov’s research on Cuban refugees featured in Vox (6/26/17)
Vox recently covered Giovanni Peri and Vasco Yasenov’s research on Cuban refugees contributing to a fall in Miami wages.

Gabriel "Jack" Chin’s study regarding campaigns organized against Chinese restaurants (6/21/17)
Colorlines recently published Chin’s study regarding campaigns organized by white workers against Chinese restaurants.

Giovanni Peri and Vasco Yasenov’s immigration research featured in the Wall Street Journal and the Economist (6/21/17)
The Wall Street Journal and The Economist covered recent research by Giovanni Peri and Vasco Yasenov as part of a Mariel boatlift debate over the impact of immigration on local wages.

Gabriel "Jack" Chin recently interviewed by NPR regarding recent study on how a "war" was raged against Chinese restaurants in the US (6/19/17)
Chin examined how white union workers and lawmakers waged a nationwide "war" on Chinese restaurants in America from 1890 to 1920. 

Erin Hamilton was recently interviewed by the Institute for Social Sciences (6/14/17)
The ISS specifically focused on her research regarding border militarization, which she co-authored with Jo Hale and was published in Demography last year.

J. Ed Taylor interviewed by CBS Sacramento regarding the shortage of California farm workers (5/30/17)
The news segment explored the struggles and frustration of California farmers, as the farm labor shortage continues in the state.

J. Ed Taylor's research regarding aiding refugees in Rwanda and Uganda was featured in an Undark article (5/11/17)
Taylor and his teamstudied households and businesses in and around refugee settlements to analyze the long-term effects of refugees in their new communities.

Andres Reséndez was awarded the Bancroft Prize in American History and Diplomacy (3/23/17)
He received the award for his book, "The Other Slavery: The Uncovered Story of Indian Enslavement in America."

Giovanni Peri's memo was recently published by Econofact (3/23/17)
His memo focused on the shift in immigration and growth in the U.S. in the last 15 years.

Giovanni Peri interviewed by The New Yorker to comment on the proposal to end the H1-B program and the foreign workers at Mar-a-Lago (3/16/17)
The New Yorker's piece discussed the foreign workers of Mar-a-Lago, a club owned by President Trump, and the consequences of ending the H1-B program.

Giovanni Peri interviewed by the LA Times regarding the proposed merit-based immigration policy (3/16/17)
This proposed system will end the decades-long policy of preferring family members of US citizens and permanent residents.

Giovanni Peri's comments on immigration was featured in a Los Angeles Times column (3/14/17)
Professor Peri was recently featured in a Los Angeles Times column that compared his views with that of Harvard professor, George Borjas. Professor Peri sees immigration as an asset to the American economy while Professor Borjas sees it as a drain.

Giovanni Peri discussed the economic costs and impacts of immigrants on the workforce in an interview with BBC World Service (3/7/17).
The interview focused on the economic impact of the clampdown on undocumented migrants by the administration of President Donald Trump.

J. Edward Taylor was interviewed by the LA Times regarding his research on the labor force in rural agriculture (2/13/17).
The article discussed the challenges faced by fruit and vegetable production in the US and how the change in rural Mexico contribute to these issues.

J. Edward Taylor's research in Uganda was recently featured in World Food Programme, BBC, and other news outlets around the world (1/1/16).
His research focused on the positive effects of humanitarian assistance for refugees.

J. Edward Taylor was featured on the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association website (10/27/16).
His research on refugees' effects on the economy was also a focus of the feature.

Giovanni Peri's research was cited by The Economist for an article that discussed the effects of immigrants on the labor market (10/11/16).
The article discussed how economic migrants are seen as a threat to jobs and the welfare state.

Brad Jones was interviewed by AP regarding immigrant families and their political preferences (10/3/16).
The article explored a recent finding: young voters from newer immigrant families lean more liberal.

Jo Mhairi Hale hired as research scientist at the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research (10/3/16).
She will continue her research as a Post-doctoral Research Scientist in Rostock, Germany.

Emerald Nguyen is now the American Sociological Association Congressional Fellow (10/3/16).
She was previously a graduate student researcher for the Center for Poverty Research with research interests relating to immigration and families.

Giovanni Peri discusses the effects of an improved labor market on incomes of Hispanic families on the Washington Post (9/20/16).
The report showed the greatest improvement in the typical American family's finances on record, and Professor Peri commented on why.

Robin Savinar awarded the California Immigration Research Initiative fellowship (9/20/16).
The goal of the research is to help better understand the impacts of immigration on California and to plan more effectively for the state’s future.