The Migration Research Cluster is one of seven research clusters funded by the 2013 UC Davis Interdisciplinary Frontiers in the Humanities and Arts (IFHA) grants competition. IFHA is part of the new UC Davis Interdisciplinary Frontiers Program (IFP), an initiative of the Office of Research to promote research and scholarly activities on campus that reach across disciplines.

The goal of this Cluster is to promote training, research opportunities, dissemination and fund raising to enhance the visibility, quality and effectiveness of multi-disciplinary research on International Migrations at UC Davis. 

This research cluster is headed by seven UC Davis faculty, and supported by an active associate professor group, graduate students, and other experts. The diversity of the people involved in this Cluster will allow it to focus on social, cultural, and economic aspects of migrations, the policies regulating them, and their consequences. 

Migration Research Cluster Faculty

Giovanni Peri, Director of the Temporary Migration Cluster and Department Chair for Economics

Luis E. Guarnizo, Professor of Human Ecology and Department Chair for Human and Community Development

Kevin R. Johnson, Dean of the UC Davis School of Law

David Kyle, Associate Professor of Sociology

Philip Martin, Professor Emeritus of Agricultural and Resource Economics

Leticia Saucedo, Professor of the UC Davis School of Law

J. Edward (Ed) Taylor, Professor of Agricultural and Resource Economics

Migration Research Cluster Affiliate Faculty

Gabriel (Jack) Chin, Professor of School of Law

Rose Cuison-Villazor, Professor of School of Law

Katherine Eriksson, Assistant Professor of Economics

Erin Hamilton, Associate Professor of Sociology

Jacob Hibel, Assistant Professor of Sociology

Brad Jones, Associate Professor of Political Science

Jeannette Money, Associate Professor of Political Science

Andrés Résendez, Associate Professor of History

Robyn Rodriguez, Associate Professor of Asian American Studies

Cecilia Tsu, Associate Professor of History

M. Anne Visser, Associate Professor of Human Ecology

Caitlin Patler, Assistant Professor of Sociology